- born December 1973, child of a working class family and foreigner

- graduated from high school in 1994

- various courses, practical training in cutting " Müller& Sohn", historical costume making, hurdy-gurdy making, making medieval clothing and headdresses.

- several years as temporary help at medieval markets 

- after successful journeyman's examination 2000 ladies' tailor in the trade

- Employed at the National Theatre in Mannheim until 2003, where I worked in various departments, including millinery, mask making and props. 

During this time I created my first mask.

- several publications in different international magazines 

- Collaborations / publications with music bands, film and series


As the child of a migrant worker, I had to learn early on how "bad and evil" people can be. I was and i am different and you can feel that.

Constant teasing and bullying left their mark. The compensation was creative work, painting, sewing, handicrafts, crocheting.

I opened my first shop on Dawanda in 2008, but the early sudden death of my father did not go unnoticed, diagnosed as "Post Traumatic Stress and Depression", later came 3 herniated discs, with chronic pain.

I had to close the shop for health reasons.

Since 2016 I am now represented on Etsy, to start again from scratch cost me a lot of strength and courage. 

In 2020 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was about to close my shop. With the help of my partner, I was able to continue working, he helped me energetically in every free minute and for that I am infinitely grateful. 

We live with our 2 cats in Kassel and since 2022 I have been employing my partner in the shop and you can look forward to seeing what else we will create.

To be able to live out my passion every day, to put a smile on other people's faces when they hold one of my masks in their hands, is a dream come true for me and I still can't believe that. I live for art, and cannot imagine a life without it. 

Thank you all, the customers, friends & fans for your support.